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Customer Success - Homebuying 🏠

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full-time
  • Sydney, AU

Customer Success - Homebuying 🏠

About OwnHome:

OwnHome’s mission is to turn renters into homeowners. We believe all Australians deserve the opportunity to build a life and family in the security of their own home, especially the 4.5m young Australians who don't own the home they live in. 

As property prices have skyrocketed, millions of Australians have been left behind with no clear path to homeownership - forced to put their dreams of homeownership on hold. As a result, renters are missing out on a critical wealth-building opportunity: owning a home.

At OwnHome, we're building an on-ramp to homeownership – one that overcomes crippling deposit hurdles, is more flexible, and an overall better fit for the modern Australian family.

About the role:

You will support customers in their homebuying journey from the moment they have signed up with OwnHome to be their partner in the path to homeownership (post initial sale). You will be supporting and educating customers and negotiating with agents every day. In this role you will be acting as our customers’ very own Buyers’ Agent, navigating a daunting and complex process with ease on their behalf. You bring confidence and assurance to the table and are the champion of our customers. 

Your specific focus is on delivering a delightful homebuying experience and coordinating the processes that go into securing our customers’ dream home. Think property selection and shortlisting; agent negotiation; contract review; negotiation with agents -. while ensuring that customers are helpfully engaged and supported through this journey. If you excel, 10 years from now our customers will still remember and tell their friends how amazing your support for them was in landing their dream home.

Beyond this homebuying experience, you will also be responsible for engaging with our property management partners to ensure our aspiring homeowners are well taken care of.  

This position offers an exciting and high-visibility opportunity to partner with the OwnHome founders and senior leadership team to help craft the most delightful homebuying journey. OwnHome has discovered that both the homebuying experience and tenant experience are broken. You will be responsible for leading the charge in fundamentally changing both of these experiences for the better with OwnHome.


  • Our customers’ champion - you are leading the charge in landing our customers’ dream homes

  • Drive a fantastic customer experience to all aspiring homeowners - You will work with all prospects who sign an initiation agreement with OwnHome, to secure our support in finding and acquiring their dream home.

  • Educate customers: Dealing with education and objections is a core part of a customer success’ everyday life. Our ability to overcome objections and brush-offs calmly, cooly, and with the right data-rich stories will differentiate you from the competition.

  • Provide excellent customer service across multiple channels including email, text and phone support 

  • Negotiate property purchases - Refine the playbook for negotiating property purchases on behalf of our customers. You will help build the most effective and efficient home buying platform in Australia that OwnHomers scream about from the rooftops!

  • Relay feedback from customers, and broader market insights, to OwnHome’s product team to feed our product development cycle. 

  • Develop trusted C-level relationships with Partners - leverage those plus your own network of contacts to further scale opportunities with current and prospective Partners.

We’d be thrilled to have you join the OwnHome team because….

You have a growth mindset and continuously seek out opportunities to innovate and improve. This is a role that requires you to be a strong communicator and have an ability to build trusted relationships with both customers and real estate agents. 

  • Exceptional prior experience at handling real estate negotiations, contractual issues, and building strong relationships in the industry. Alternatively, 3+ years experience in top-tier consulting firm or high-growth startup

  • You care about financial equality and believe that homeownership is a strong lever for financial security and wealth generation

  • You are excited to interact with our committed homeowners in whatever medium works best for our customers to deliver on that delightful experience (email; text; phone; OwnHome portal). 

  • You are impatient to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done and know how to build authentic trust-based relationships and are excited about hitting your goals

  • You are comfortable navigating challenging customer issues and resolving them effectively.

  • You are a process-ninja and ensure nothing falls through the cracks on behalf of our customers, or from our customers

  • You have strong customer relationship skills: storytelling, listening, compassionate, consultative

  • You are a skilled negotiator. High-EQ. 

  • Experience with Hubspot or similar CRM 

What you’ll get from OwnHome

  • Freedom and expectation to drive sales and deliver an amazing consumer experience

  • Working closely with the founders and Customer Success Lead on one of the most critical pillars of the business

  • Mentorship and support from our amazing leaders 

  • A generous salary, bonus and equity package - you are a business builder and owner

  • Flexible working from our casual office in Darlinghurst. We support whatever you need to deliver the most impact for customers

  • Unlimited vacation leave. We trust you.

  • Health / fitness / phone allowance

  • Office goodies. Just tell us what you need to thrive

  • Epic offsite each year 🥳